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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update Two:

I've been reading sporadically all day, so my best guess for total reading time would be about 5 1/2 hours. 7 if you include reading other peoples blogs.

I keep forcing myself to slow down on this book because I am loving it so much. I tend to jump over paragraphs when I start reading fast so then I miss stuff. But man, Amanda Hocking really did a great job on this book. The action started on the first page. No joke. And it's kept the same action-y pace the entire time, which keeps making my brain want to go faster, but I don't want to miss anything in this book.

I had a cup of hot coffee earlier, but today got a little hot (which was weird since we've been really cool lately) so hot wasn't doing it. So I iced it down and added some flavored creamer. Then much to my delight I found a box of Hot Tamales that my mother-in-law left when they came to visit last weekend. Hot Tamales and zombie stories just go realllly well together. Other than that I haven't really eaten anything. But I do have snacks planned for later when the munchies really hit, which I know they will.

Hope everyone is meeting there goals or are at least close to them, and of course, having tons of fun. I know I am :D
Now off to finally finish book 1.
Happy Reading!

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