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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The End:

   The Halloween Read-A-Thon that was hosted by Young Adult Books Reviewed was definitely fun.
I had three books I wanted to read but only got around to one and the beginning of another.
   My husband was home this weekend and this is probably our last weekend to just take it easy before all the craziness of clearing out, packing, loading up and getting out of here starts, so we took full advantage of just hanging out. The three on my list were: Vampire Academy, City of Bones, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
   I started Vampire Academy first, on Friday, and was kind of iffy about it. I hadn't gotten around to reading too much of it though due to grocery shopping and then dinner and a movie at home.
Then Saturday, before we left in the afternoon to go to a corn maize/pumpkin patch/haunted house/haunted woods which took up most the day, I read a couple more chapters and got a little more into it.
Today, after we got home from church and had lunch and played a little Wii, I got to finish the book. And I really ended up liking it.

I should have my review of Vampire Academy up tomorrow, but I do recommend it. Just in case someone gets hasty and decides to get it and start reading before I have a chance to review it, I will clarify now. I really only recommend this one to the more mature end of YA readers. It has dark and mature content (which will be gone into more indepth in review). If you partook in the Read-A-Thon I hope you had fun reading! And if you joined in the Twitter Party be sure to check YA Books Reviewed tomorrow because Lesley will have chosen a Twitter Winner...or winners. She hinted at maybe multiple. So be sure to check it out!
Have a great week and happy reading!!

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