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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wow...I really am not sure what to say about this one. It was really good. I've read a few other reviews on it to see what other people thought and I don't know if I payed attention more or what, because everyone else says not a whole lot was explained in this one, but I got a lot of information out of it.

Now, I cannot go on into a more in-depth review without some possible spoilers of the first one so if you haven't read that one, don't read this review.

Daniel has taken Luce from Sword & Cross and placed her in a Nephilim (part angel part human) school. Because the Nephilim's powers cover her soul up so that pretty much everything that is after her cannot find her. Daniel is even more secretive in this one than the first so they end up fighting a lot. He thinks he is protecting her by keeping her in the dark, she feels like he is treating her like a child by making her stay at this school. I like Luce in this book. She starts thinking for herself. Starts questioning everything that everyone has been telling her has to happen or that she is destined for. How does she know she is actually destined for it? She learns to control the shadows while she makes some new friends. None of which would ever be able to replace Penn for her or myself, but they are good friends to have. And Daniel better watch out, because he gets a little competition when Miles steps up. Will Luce choose Daniel, who he says she is supposed to be with? Or break free and create her own new destiny with Miles by her side?
Cam is back in this one, as well. He and Daniel have called a truce which lasts for 18 days. Which is the duration of the book. I thoroughly enjoy Cam. I think I like Daniel best with Luce, but I would not mind Cam stealing her away. He's just a badass demon...angel...guy.

We're still waiting to find out who Luce is and how her and Daniel could tip the scale of angels and demons. And I would like to know what it was about Luce that originally drew Daniel to her enough to, well you know, fall.
I really would like to know how Lauren Kate expects me to wait until next summer to read Passion.
Come on Summer 2011!

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