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Saturday, October 9, 2010

First update:

So I haven't been doing as good as I thought I would have at this point, but I blame the Army for that. They threw off my schedule that I had planned when they called my husband back in about an hour after he got home. That made everything get pushed back. I tried to read while he was gone since I had almost an hour before he came home, but I fell asleep.
Since my original plan got messed up I decided to change it. We aren't going anywhere tomorrow so I changed my start time to about 7 this morning (right when my time zone was supposed to start anyway) and I will just read later into the night.
Well, I am only about halfway through my first book (see? not so good) and I don't have to move from this spot until 4 when I have to finish making dinner for my husband so I am going to get cracking. I will have this book done before then!


  1. I tend to be flexible about how I participate in the readathon. Hopefully you will get lots of reading done soon!

    Good luck,

  2. We love Bronte,
    Austen too!
    We love reading!
    How about you?
    Happy Readathon!
    Go Team Simile!

  3. Having fun and reading are all that matters in the readathon. Don't be too hard on yourself! I'm cheering for you!

  4. Thanks guys :)
    The cheering and encouragement definitely helps.


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