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About Me.

Welcome to my little book loft!
I guess since you clicked on that page you are wanting to know a little bit about me or my blog.
Well, here you go.

My blog:

My very first post was on August 23rd 2010.
I was not aware that such a community existed until I was looking to see how to become a book reviewer and one site said make a book blog.  I then searched for book blogs and I stumbled across "The Story Siren." That opened up a whole new world for me. She was talking about books and people were interested in what she had to say. I wanted to be like her.
A couple months later the "The Firefly Book Loft" was born.

Why the name "Firefly Book Loft"?
 I wanted a name that stood out, let people know it was a place for book talk, but represented me at the same time. So, ever since I saw "You've Got Mail" when I was 9 I knew I wanted to own my own bookshop and that was what I wanted to name it. Why? I don't know. It's what my 9 yr old brain came up with and it just stuck. And since I don't have a bookshop, this was the next best thing. Ta-da! 

A Little Bit About Me:

When I am not reading I am:
  • Writing.
  • Taking pictures. Of everything.
  • Drinking tea.
  • Listening to music and watching movies.
  • Decorating.
  • Designing.
  • Cooking & baking.
  • And loving life.
I also have a personal blog (that I started before my book blog but am just now paying attention to) that I document my journey as a young woman starting over in life on. Check it out :)