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Friday, August 2, 2013

30 Day Book Challenge-Day 2

So I've been MIA for a little while. Mostly I was just taking a break from blogging because after almost 3 years it had started to feel like a chore and that is not how I wanted to look at it all. Now I finally feel ready to start posting again. And what better way to start the habit of posting regularly again than doing a 30 day challenge. So for 30 days in August I'll be posting daily for the challenge, and on August 31st I'll post a surprise!
Now, just to put this out there right now, I reserve the right to cheat on this challenge. Cheat as in if it asks for one favorite book...I might put two...or 5.
Let the challenge begin!


Apparently I am a masochist that likes to have my heart ripped apart on multiple occasions.

Even though I know how the story ends, each time I read it I can't help but hope that something different will happen and the family will escape...

I read this once a few years ago, then again right when the movie came out and it made me mad at stupid things that they changed in the movie

The world that is created for this story, the school, the's just too good not to read more than once.

Pretty much my favorite classic.

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