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Sunday, August 11, 2013

30 Day Book Challenge-Day 11

So I've been MIA for a little while. Mostly I was just taking a break from blogging because after almost 3 years it had started to feel like a chore and that is not how I wanted to look at it all. Now I finally feel ready to start posting again. And what better way to start the habit of posting regularly again than doing a 30 day challenge. So for 30 days in August I'll be posting daily for the challenge, and on August 31st I'll post a surprise!
Now, just to put this out there right now, I reserve the right to cheat on this challenge. Cheat as in if it asks for one favorite book...I might put two...or 5.
Let the challenge begin!


Moby Dick: or The White Whale (Oxford Illustrated Classics)

You guys, I have trouble saying I hate anything...because really there are few things in the world that I actually hate. Like, it's an extremely short list.
Even now I can only think of two things on that list: Peas and Moby Dick.
I had to read this book for a highschool english class and I was so bored to tears with it.
My teacher was also one of those teachers that looked into every little thing that Melville wrote as having some kind of deeper meaning.
And one of the girls in my class (there were only 10 of us. Small homeschool class) just went on and one and on about it being an incredibly cruel book and she was not going to read anymore because it just promoted animal cruelty towards whales and that she wanted to throw up every time she read it.
All in all it was a bad experience. Maybe one day I will try again. Maybe not.
Just right now all I know is that I hate this book and the class memories attached to reading it.

What about you? Any books that you just hated?

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