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Monday, August 19, 2013

30 Day Book Challenge-Day 15&16

So I've been MIA for a little while. Mostly I was just taking a break from blogging because after almost 3 years it had started to feel like a chore and that is not how I wanted to look at it all. Now I finally feel ready to start posting again. And what better way to start the habit of posting regularly again than doing a 30 day challenge. So for 30 days in August I'll be posting daily for the challenge, and on August 31st I'll post a surprise!
Now, just to put this out there right now, I reserve the right to cheat on this challenge. Cheat as in if it asks for one favorite book...I might put two...or 5.
Let the challenge begin!

I got a little behind this week due to the fact that I was participating in the 48 Hour Film Festival here in my town so that took up my entire weekend.

Since I'm playing catch up with my posts I decided to combine days 15 & 16. I have a ton of favorite characters so I have picked a few books that have both a favorite male and female character.

 Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov
Rose is such a strong character that can get things done by herself.
It's only when she meets the equally as strong Dimitri that she lets herself rely on someone.
Dimitri is, and always will be, one of my favorite male characters. He's strong and courageous and not a complete idiot like a lot of tough guys are portrayed.

Tris and Four
Tris didn't make a popular decision but it changed her life in an incredible way.
And Four is just Four. Strong, commanding presence, a fighter, and pushes Tris past what she thinks she is capable of.

Belly and Conrad
The girl who is trying to figure out who she wants to be and the guy that is much more than he seems. 
I love these two, both together and apart.

Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters
 Read the book and you'll understand just what I mean.
They are wonderful.
Keep tissues close by though.

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