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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Reaping (The Fahllen, Book 1) by M. Leighton.

"Every hell has its devil. And Carson is about to become intimately acquainted with hers. 

Seventeen-year-old wallflower Carson Porter has always dreamed of being something special, but what she gets isn’t what she signed up for.
Yeah, a girl’s supposed to change as she gets older, but this is ridiculous! Shiny skin, greener eyes and a run-in with the flesh-eating dead are just a few of the changes Carson has to adjust to, not to mention the arrival of very hot and very dangerous Derek Hrolf. If all that wasn’t enough to turn her once hum-drum life into something unrecognizable, a twin sister that haunts her from the shadows and a wheeling, dealing collector of souls will definitely do the trick. The question is: what will her life become? And what will she become?"-GoodReads.

ebook, Kindle Edition
                                                                                       Published: January 29th 2011
                                                                                       Source: Author sent it to me.

Carson has never really been normal. It's just her and her dad and her dad is super over protective. He doesn't want her to wear make up or too girly of clothes because he considers it "silly", he likes to make sure if she's not at school she is close to home and wants to know everything she is doing.
Right when Carson thinks she is getting a social life and that she might be able to make something out of her high school career, she starts to change, in drastic physical ways. Then everything around her starts to change and everyone that she loves is at risk.
The girl who was once a wall flower has to step into the limelight of a world she didn't even know existed to save her family and friends. But will she be strong enough and cunning enough to beat the evil that is coming her way?

I really loved this book.
I was a bit unsure what I was going to be reading because the description had so much going on in it. Shiny skin and green eyes made me think of aliens and flesh eating dead made me think of zombies. It's neither though. Once I got into the story everything started coming together and it was great.
As the title 'hints', it's about Reapers and reapings.
The storyline was great, but it was Carson that made this read awesome. She is just so real, I truly felt connected to her. She has a crush on a boy that doesn't look twice at her, she has a nerdy best friend, and a really great dad. Even though he is over protective, he means well, and teaches her a lot of things that are going to be very useful.
And when she starts changing, she doesn't have all the answers. Even when Derek, who has kind of been through what she is going through, comes along, doesn't have all the answers. He has some, but not all.
I do not like when a character starts having something happen to them that they know nothing about and they just happen to run into someone that has all the answers.
Carson has lots and lots of questions, and the more that got answered, the more questions she acquired. And they were good questions too. Ones that I would have asked in her situation.
Above all, she was strong. She did what she had to and what she thought was right. She wasn't some weak little girl that kept saying she was strong but hid under a rock at the sight of every shadow.
She leans on Derek for support when a tragedy strikes her family, but she still knew how to do things on her own.
Especially towards the middle-endish parts. This girl knows how to stand on her own two feet!

The writing has just enough description and just enough dialogue.
Oh, the descriptions were wonderful....and so creepy. Seriously, there were parts that after I read them I did not want to turn my light off at night. The reapings, the dead, all hair raising. I'm getting chills just thinking about it.
If you get creeped out easily, don't read this at night. Or have a night-light on. It helps.

I could go on and on about this book, but so much happens through out that I don't want to give anything away. So I will just strongly encourage you to head over to Amazon and order a copy for your Kindle.
It may seem a little daunting at about 8700 locations (most Kindle books I read are about 3500 locations which would be a bit over 400 pages, I believe), but it's really not that long at all. Or maybe it was just so good it didn't feel that long. Either way, it went by too fast and left me wanting more.
Cannot wait for the next one!

And be sure to check out M. Leighton's blog and follow her to get info on her other book, when she will be releasing new ones, and just to follow all her neat posts!


  1. jess, ur review is amazing! i'll be honest, i have not heard anything about this book- but your thoughts make me want to go buy it now! thanks for sharing your thoughts :)


  2. This was an awesome review! I haven't heard of it yet...heading over to your next post and your interview.

  3. Oh, my. I don't even know if I have words to describe this novel. I was taken aback by the creativity and uniqueness of this author. It reminded me vaguely of Dean Koontz, sort of a Dean Koontz for Young Adults. It was chilling, haunting and the ending will stay with me for a very long time.


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