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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dreaming What You Read.

  Usually before I go to sleep I read for an hour or so. Actually, it has become such a habit that now I pretty much HAVE to read before I attempt sleep or I just cannot. My brain won't wind down. But while it is winding down to let me sleep, another part of my brain is gearing up for one crazy night.
I am a dreamer.
I am an incredibly vivid, that was so real, I want to go back to sleep so I can see that again, dreamer.
I dream about what I read.
As long as the book is interesting and keeping my attention while I am awake, a dream will usually come out of it.
For example, when I was reading The Hunger Games, I was completely enthralled by the story. And each night I would dream about Panem and all that was going on there. Or when I was reading Vampire Academy, it was "Hello Dimitri of my dreams (literally)" every night.
Even one time I received an email that had something about Alex Pettyfer and I Am Number 4 in it and when I woke up needing a drink I checked my phone and saw it. Then I read it and went back to sleep.
Crazy I Am Number 4 dreams.
Sometimes my brain will change how things happened in the book to how I actually thought they should happen, or if I haven't finished the story I will fill in the blanks with how I hope it's going to happen, or I will just change it entirely.
It's all really very cool.
I more often then not wake up scrambling for my journal to jot everything down and get really awesome, really vivid ideas out of these dreams.

So now my questions for you. How do you dream? Do you get dreams about what you read? And if you do, do remember them when you wake up? Are real life actors taking the lead roles or do you usually end up picturing the characters so well you can see you imagined versions better?


  1. You're so funny : "Hello Dimitri of my dreams" !!
    It's the same for me !! =)
    I always have a dream of the book I'm currently reading and I love living it this imaginary world even if it's jusr for a little while =)

  2. Haha! I have to read before bed too and I often dream about what I've read. Makes for some interesting dreams!

  3. I always alwayssss dream what I read, and I love it haha it's like I live out the books in my mind :)

  4. I have to read before I go to bed, too. Even if it's a short story from a review magazine or journal. It helps my body to relax. I may not always dream about what I read, but a lot of what I dream gives me inspiration for my own writing!

  5. Somethimes I wake up and I have no idea of what I just dreamed, and somethimes I remember. I usually don't dream about books, or stories that I have read. They usually are about a scene from a movie, like (don't laugh, lol) when Bella gets her finger cut (Twilight). I'm not Bella, but just another vampire watching the whole thing. Thinking about it, just makes me laugh. Such fun. Such a stupid dream. haha. A friend of mine has a dream journal and she writers everything down, I think that's a fun idea!


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