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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Team Were & Fairy Giveaway Entries.

  Cassay over at Vamps, Weres, & Cassay is having a super awesome giveaway!
For those of us who have vampire, werewolf, fairy, zombie, caster/wizard, and/or angel/fallen angel love this is definitely the contest to enter.
All you have to do is be her blog, facebook, or twitter follower, pick your team (she's cool enough to let you enter for multiple teams though), tell her why you team is the best, & then create a poster to advertise your team. Fun right?!
Normally I would be "Team All Of The Above", but I decided that I would try to narrow it down to two, so I picked two Teams that had books that I had not yet read but want to.
So for this blog entry and contest I am Team Werewolves and Team Fairy!

Team Werewolf Poster:
                                                                                    (photos courtesy of photobucket&google images)
Werewolves have definitely evolved from the old school wolves that were just looked like overly hairy men that stalked beautiful women. Now they are men and women, sexy and fierce, terrifying, protective, and a whole other slew of things. But their transformation from human to wolf is what really sets them apart from the paranormal creature category.  Vampires will always be pasty white and zombies will always be dead and rotting, but werewolves get to change from ferocious creatures that can rip you from limb to limb back to humans in a seconds and no one would ever know it was them. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Team Fairy Poster:
                                                                                   (photos courtesy of photobucket&google images)
Fairies are another awesome paranormal creature. Who doesn't love fairies? Depending on the story you are reading they could be sassy little Tinkerbell, mischievous trouble makers, or just plain evil. But they always are so adorable, charming, alluring and/or hauntingly beautiful. And how cool would it be to have a pair of those amazing wings. Or a wand and fairy dust. Yep, fairies are definitely awesome.

So those are my team posters. Now you should go enter, but do it quick, the contest ends November 30th at midnight MST. Get to it and show your team spirit!!

~Happy Cheering!

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