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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After witnessing the guy she liked die in a fire that everyone seems to think she caused, Luce gets sent to reform school. Where everyone has to wear the same drab black clothes, you are not allowed out of the gate, and everything you do the reds (the security cameras) see. Though things seem fairly boring in appearance, she still can't catch a break. Her first day there she finds out that she only gets one phone call a week, her first friend likes to walk on the wild side which is the opposite of herself, the shadows that have followed her all her life are hanging around even more, and the guy she might have some interest in flips her off in the first 10 seconds of seeing her. Not so great of start.

I did really enjoy the story. But, of course, there were a few things that were off. Take the shadows that Luce claims to be so terrified of. I never really felt that fear. She was more worried about finding stuff about Daniel and getting him to like her then fighting the shadows, which keep killing people she knows.
I can understand liking a guy and wanting him to like you, but when your life and other peoples lives are in danger you worry about that first.
Fallen Angels seem to be the new fad in YA. That's cool with me because I've always been interested in fallen angel stories. Fallen has a pretty good twist in the story and I like the characters. Lauren Kate leaves it open to go into the next book "Torment", so if you want questions answered you will have to read that one, as well.
I'd say overall this one gets a 3.5/5

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