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Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello there!

My name is Jessica, I am a book-a-holic, and it's an addiction that is only getting worse. But it's a good addiction to have so I guess "worse" wouldn't be the appropriate way to describe it....oh well.

Anyway, I do love reading. Mostly YA fiction/romantic fantasy, but sometimes other books do pop up on my radar and grab my attention. I also love dystopian books.

I have this really bad habit of talking about the books I am reading. It's like word vomit though...I just can't help it. And I don't have a lot of friends that like the same kind that I do so it's hard to just talk about them. I really have to watch myself around my husband because he finds books about vampires, faeries, or fallen angels to be quite silly and I prefer not to have my taste in books bashed...thank you very much (though he is mistaken...that is not all I read about). One of my best friends loves almost all the same kind of books that I do. Thank God for her!
But she has her own husband, a child, work, and I moved 800 miles away almost a year our book discussions are few and far between now.

My husband is in the Army, so when we moved I didn't go back to work so that I could stay at home and be with him when he's off (the entire we dated it was pretty much long distance so spending time together was a must) and the whole moving all the time and having to find a new job each time didn't appeal to me, right now. So now I have more time on my hands. What to do with it? I wondered. I started doing some research online and found that book blogs were actually really popular and Tada! my book loft was born.
Now I have somewhere I can talk about books all I want and no one can stop me; muwahaha! :D
But I am a total noob at this so I will accept most suggestions gratefully.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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