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Monday, August 23, 2010

Eat. Pray. Love.

A story about a woman who has everything, but wants none of it.

Unhappy in her marriage for many reasons (which she discloses very few of), Elizabeth Gilbert decides to leave her husband after a very messy breakdown on her bathroom floor. Apparently she cannot handle being alone though, because she quickly falls in love with her rebound lover. But, as most rebound relationships go, they end up not working out after a series of break-ups and get-back-togethers. Which of course, this devastates her, as well.
During all of this she goes to Bali for a yoga retreat and meets on old healer who tells her she will be coming back to live with him. This is what gets her going on her journey and inspires her to really go out and see the world and live how she has always wanted to.

Now, since she starts off the book by telling you everything that she has in life, but how all of it is wrong and not what she wanted, she comes off as...selfish...and self-centered. But Gilbert is very witty and definitely a people person, so that helps as she tells you about her travels. And she is honest about herself and what she has done which also helps.
In Italy and India she is great. I love that she really starts to find herself, create herself, and center herself. The beginning of Bali is good too, until she meets Felipe. I did not like how the story progressed after that....well actually, the lack of progression. The whole story builds up to if she will let love in again but when the moment comes it just plops. There is nothing to it. I actually started wondering if she really did love this man or if she was doing just what she did before and running to him because she couldn't be alone any longer. There was no spark so it left me wondering where her passion for him was because it sure did not show in her writing. When I finished the book and put it down I just felt so unsatisfied.

Overall it was only an alright book. My vote would be 2/5...maybe 2.5/5

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