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Monday, August 11, 2014

Top Ten Books That I'm Nervous To Read.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovelies over at The Broke and the Bookish
I HATE IT WHEN I FINISH A BOOK . I always think well that author obviously realized their mistake of not writing a second book and is writing it right now

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday's subject is the Top Ten books that I'm not sure I want to read.
Maybe it's a book that I bought that I'm just not sure about anymore, or I've heard mixed things, or it's overly-hyped.
But whatever the reason may be, here are 10 of the books that make me nervous to think about opening and reading.

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^^How I feel when I see these books^^

All of them.
I've read the first one...but that's it. I saw all of the movies before I got the books and I LOVE the movies. I'm worried I'm going to read the books and they are going to ruin the movies for me or somehow I will not really like the books because of the movies.

Let's be real, these books are daunting just to look at.
I really love the show so I would someday like to give the books a go...but we'll see.

Insurgent & Allegiant by Veronica Roth
I read Divergent before all the hype, but then Insurgent and Allegiant came out and EVERYONE seemed to be talking about them. And the controversy with how Allegiant is supposed to end? I mean, Veronica Roth got death threats over it....
If that doesn't make you nervous to read a book I don't know what will.

I'm not even going to try and hide it. I have a sever love for Nicholas Sparks movies. I hadn't ever tried to read any of his books though, but when I read the synopsis of The Longest Ride it sounded like one that I would love and the movie isn't out yet so I have nothing to compare it with.
So I started reading it and starting falling for the characters...then I abruptly stopped. If you are not familiar with Nicholas Sparks work, someone usually dies at the end and I'm nervous as hell that it's going to be Luke in this story.

Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity, #1)
I've been informed that story will rip my heart out.
Yeah, that'll put me a little on edge to grab a book and read it.

The Fever series was my first introduction to urban fantasy/romance and it hooked me to the genre.
Barrons played a big part in that...but I loved the world and I loved seeing Mac grow and change through the entire series. 
Now there are the new Dani O'Malley books that are a continuation of the Fever series but also their own series. I liked Dani's character but I'm not sure how I feel about her being the main character in how this world was built and portrayed. As of right now her books are Dani O'Malley #1, 2, and 3, and Fever #6, 7, and 8. Then I read rumors Fever 9 and 10 will be back to being Barrons and Mac? Can this be real life? Is that true?
Either way I'm not sure I want to read Dani's spinoff series or any continuing books because I liked how Fever ended and I'm okay with it staying that way.

The Fault in Our Stars was my first John Green book. It ripped my heart out into a million pieces. And it continues to do that every time I read it. And it did it when I saw the movie.
After I read that one I tried to read An Abundance of Katherines but was eh about it.
Then I started reading Looking for Alaska, but wasn't really clicking with the characters at the time, and I was getting near to a big thing that I know happens in the book happening so I stopped reading it.
But I really love John Green's writing style so I want to stop being scared and just read his other books.

Never Fade (The Darkest Minds, #2)

The Darkest Minds was one of my favorite books of 2013. The ending messed me up a little bit. If I don't read this one (the sequel) I won't have to see if everything doesn't become okay. I can stay in the story that I built in my mind where everyone is happy and wonderful.

The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #2)

If you've read the first one you know why this one makes me anxious....if you haven't read it all you need to know is "cliff-hanger of doom". How can I put myself through something like that again?

Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)

Vampire Academy about did me in. The last couple of books were so intense and kept me up for nights reading them as fast as I could to find out what happened. What if more bad things happen in these books??
Also, as stated earlier, spinoffs make me nervous too.

Alright fellow book lovers, there are just 10 of the books that have me pacing around my room thinking about all the bad things that could happen if I do read them.
Any of these on your list?
What else made your list?
Leave me a link to your post in the comments below! <3


  1. The Harry Potter movies are great adaptions of the books! If you love the movies, you will love the books too. Plus the books give you so much more info on the characters and plot that you don't get from the movies. I say give them a go!

  2. I absolutely love the Mara Dyer series, but it is such a confusing series. I can totally see why you'd be anxious about reading it. I did love Code Name Verity though, even if it was a heart-wrenching read. I adore Harry Potter and think they give much more information!

  3. I know what you mean about the George R.R. Martin books. Each one is so big and there are so many of them and so many characters. I've heard great things (my husband is a huge fan!) but I just don't think I want to commit to it that much.

  4. I feel the same way about so many of the books.
    I have Game of Throne sitting on my bookshelf but that book size man it just about scares the living heck out of me.

    My TTT

  5. Okay, I have to say it. YOU HAVE TO READ HARRY POTTER! I actually know quite a few people that read the books after seeing the movies and they weren't disappointed. I know HP has so much hype, but I really feel like this series deserves it and more.

  6. You have got to read Harry Potter! I can't believe you watched the movies before reading the books. The books are so much better!!!! I love the Game of Thrones show, so I read book one and it was really great. I haven't continued because the books are just sooooo long! DON'T READ ALLEGIANT! Just don't do it. The end may be bad but the book as a whole is just a complete and utter disaster; not sure how it managed to get published!!! John Green's other books made my list too, just don't think I will like them very much. Here's my TTT.

  7. The Game of Thrones books are VERY daunting. They are a lot of work and there are big differences between the books and the show. I love both and can't wait to reread them. I agree with the above, Allegiant was garbage. I am one of the few people who hated FiOS. So much so that I will never read another John Green book. But that's just me. The cliffhanger in the second Mara Dyer is even more intense! I can't wait for the next book. I need it now. I really need to get started on The Vampire Academy series! Good luck with your list! ~Megan

  8. Bloodlines is just as intense as VA - and I love it for being so. It's a great spinoff as it keeps everything I loved about the first series without being a copy. I'm such a Bloodlines fangirl so I'll try not to rave too much except to say it's one of my favourite series.

    As for Harry Potter - I liked the books more than the films. I thought the movies were wonderful but they didn't have the detail. They skipped a lot of stuff which wasn't critical but did make the stories that much richer and better.

    Happy reading :)

  9. The HP books are so much better than the books :) You are missing out on great details! The story is much richer and fun, although they did a great job with most of the movies.


  10. Oooh, the must-reads on here for me are Harry Potter and A Game of Thrones (sorry!). I wasn't really into A Game of Thrones the first time I picked it up but I went back later and got absolutely hooked!

    Harry Potter is definitely easier going, so probably a bit less intimidating ;) I don't think reading the books will impact your opinion of the films. The films are a brilliant adaptation but of course there are still some differences from the book, and yet I still love the films too.


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