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Monday, March 10, 2014

Music Monday! {1}

Vintage Audio - yes

Music is an obsession. Probably just as much if not more than books.
If you follow me on twitter you will see me talking about all kinds of music all the time.
I will ignore everything else going on around me to listen to a song I love or to hear a new song.
So I decided to add a feature to my blog: Music Monday!
Every Monday (or more if I feel like it) I will post about something from my musical world. 

For this first week I will just start off with a few songs that I am in love with at this moment.

Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

Country music is the core of my soul. 
I am from a small town in South Texas so I grew up listening to it all. 
I adore Cole Swindell and his new single totally does it for me. 
It's going to be a perfect summer song.

Lord Huron - Ends Of The Earth

This song <3
For the soul that is filled with wanderlust.

City and Colour - Save Your Scissors

Because Dallas Green is forever amazing.

So fellow music lovers, what would your Music Monday pick(s) be?


  1. I love this meme! Country is the core of my soul, as well (though I can only wish I grew up in a small town; I'm not from a huge city like LA, but I'm definitely not from a tiny town, either). Cole Swindell is fabulous--have you had the chance to see him live? If not, you should; he's fantastic.

    1. Awh thank you :D
      I haven't seen him live yet. Luke Bryan is coming to my town in September and Cole Swindell is one of his opening acts! I'm so excited for that show!

  2. Yeah, I saw him with Luke Bryan. It was an awesome show. I hope you enjoy it!


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