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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Challenges and Goals


Ahh! It's 2014!! 
Is it just me or does that just not seem possible?
Well, as most other people do, I started the year out with some resolutions and some of them were definitely reading and blogging related.

One of the things that I was going to try was to simplify. Except I already post at a minimum right now so that was no good, especially when I looked at all the challenges that I wanted to participate in this year.
Every year I tell myself that I'm not going to join any challenges except for maybe the Debut Author Challenge...but that never works out for me. I always find neat ones to try out even though I usually end up dropping out. Oops.
This year I am determined to finish some of these challenges.
The ones I've decided to join are:

2014 Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge
I have a bit of an obsession with Nicholas Sparks movies. I love pretty much all of them. And yes, I have seen all of them...many times. BUT, I haven't read any of the books. This is the year to change that.
In 2014 Nicholas Sparks and I will be Going Steady as I read 5-8 of his books.

This is a challenge I'm really excited about.
You get to fill out this card
throughout the year.
Once you've done all the reading for the different squares you win.
Pretty simple, fun, and I figured a good way to help me figure out what to read next if I ever feel stuck this year....err, I mean when I feel stuck this year. Because it will happen.

2014 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge
Read more books then I did last year. This should be easy-peasy since I only read 27 books last year. Terrible number compared to other years.
For 2014 I have challenged myself to read 104 books. This is usually the number I try to read but have yet to reach it.
So my challenge level will be- I'm on Fire! which is 16+ books more than I did last year.
I'm hoping it's no big deal to read 43+ books this year.

2014 Ebook Challenge button
I'm shooting for DVD which is 25 ebooks.
This is a challenge that I NEED because my poor little Kindle is so loaded down with ebooks.

My review pile is out of control.
I'm glad most of them are on my Kindle or else no one would ever be able to find me in my room around all the books.
I will be going for Journeyman which is 11-20 review books.

My reviewer ratio on Netgalley is TERRIBLE. Like really really really bad.
I'm hoping to read at least 25 Netgalley books this year and boost my ratio.

This is one of my favorite challenges and I'm so excited to see Kristi from The Story Siren hosting it again!
And I adore debut authors. So let's check out some new books, shall we!

7 Challenges. But they are all crossovers so, it should be totally doable.
(I'll update with some goals later once I have them figured out)
I'm excited!!
Let's get to reading!


  1. Thanks for joining the Full House challenge. I hope you enjoy all your reading and challenges in 2014.


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