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Monday, October 28, 2013

Top Ten Creepiest Book Covers

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                  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovelies over at The Broke and The Bookish.

Halloween, I love it. I adore all things scary. Certain things freak me out and I love that feeling of fear in my stomach. So, along with scary movies I love scary books. This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is what are the ten book covers that freak us out.
These are in no particular order.

The Replacement

I still haven't read this book yet, but the cover is still creepy. 
It's very reminiscent of a few of my favorite horror movies all rolled into one. 
The unease that the surgical instruments above a baby carriage leaves me with is great.


Cujo by Stephen King
Those teeth *shivers*


I tried reading this one a while ago and couldn't get into it...but I really want to like it because that cover creeps me out. Bleeding eyes. Eek.

Hollow City (Miss Peregrine, #2)Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine, #1)
Miss Peregrine #1 & #2
By Ransom Riggs

I love the old photographs used for the covers. 
Both of these are creepy and I like 'em!

La metamorfosis
The MetamorphosisThe Metamorphosis

Seriously, you guys...The Metamorphosis has some of the weirdest and creepiest covers...ever.

The Raft

This isn't in your face creepy or scary. But just look at it and think about it for a minute. The title is THE RAFT...and she's obviously in the ocean...alone. That's scary, alright?


Love love love this cover sooo much. The idea of something written by Stephen King happening at an amusement park is just too perfect. No joke. I think more scary stories should take place in carnivals, circus', and amusement parks. They just seem like the best setting. 
She looks terrified, it's dark, that tagline...and Stephen Kings name is on know it's creepy already.

I had about 8 other covers I could have put here, but these are my favorite so I thought I'd be a minimalist this week.
So tell me fellow book lovers, what are your favorite creepy and scary book covers?
If you did a TTT leave a link in the comments and I'll go check it out!


  1. Love the Sleepless cover. It is very, very creepy. Nice list!

  2. We share some of the same books. I'm not a fan of creepy children on covers!

  3. I have the Replacement on mine too! You've got some other great ones as well :)

    My TTT

  4. Good list! We share some. I almost used Sleepless as well, looks terrible :D

    My TTT

  5. I had never heard of Sleepless until I saw it on another TTT list and OMG CREEPY. That's seriously terrifying. The Peregrine's covers have always creeped me out -- I CAN'T DO THE CREEPY KIDS.

  6. These scary book covers are definitely doing what they set out to do; which is creep us the hell out!

    Here's Our List

  7. We had The Replacements cover on our list too! This is the second time I've seen Sleepless and it is so creepy looking! Check out our list at


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