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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top Ten Books on my Spring '13 TBR List

                Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovelies over at The Broke and The Bookish.

 Level 2 (The Memory Chronicles, #1)
I adore the fact that I've been following Lenore's blog for a while now and she has a book published. This makes me really happy when people I know through blogging get book deals. So I cannot wait to get this one and dig into it.

The Farm (The Farm, #1)
I've met Emily twice now and she is just the nicest lady. Always has good advice for people like me striving to be a writer. I love the sound of this book. When I saw her a couple weeks ago at a B&N event she said she wanted to write a vampire book about mean vamps that don't sparkle. So The Farm was born.
Sounds creepy and fun.

You guys, if you ever have a chance to meet Tracy DO IT. She's been to my B&N twice in the last 6ish months or so and I love getting to see her. She's always encouraging my writing and telling me she can't wait to be able to by my book. That is just so wonderful to hear.
And her new book Doomed sounds FANTASTIC. Technological apocalypse? Uhm, yes please.

Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2)
What most of you may not know, I have a MAJOR LOVE for urban fantasy. Like, boarding obsessed. It is such a fun genre and I am IN LOVE with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I just finished Dark Lover and am about to start working on this one, which is the second in the series.
This one I am soo excited to get to.

Fever (The Chemical Garden, #2)
Love Lauren. She's a favorite of mine, both her writing and her tweeting. She's hilarious...though she likes to rip your heart out in her books. I'm looking forward to having my emotions played with.

Revolution 19
Robot apocalypse. Yes.

Trouble's on the Menu: A Tippy Canoe Romp-- With Recipes
I love this cover. Like a lot.
This sounds like a fun book to end spring and begin summer reading with.

Summerset Abbey (Summerset Abbey, #1)
I'm already having Downton Abbey withdrawals so I'm hoping this will take my mind off of having to wait a year til season 4. Especially since all 3 books release between January and August. So I have high hopes for this one to help me out.

How to Tame a Willful Wife (Shakespeare in Love, #1)
The first book in the Shakespeare in Love series, it's a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew.
Love retellings, love the sounds of this one, love romances.

Looking for Alaska
I figured it was time to give another John Green book some loving since I love on TFioS so much.

Alright fellow readers, what's on your spring TBR list?


  1. Jessica fantastic list of books! I love them all :D

    Here's my Top Ten.

    Have a great week!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think of Lenore's book. A good read for sure. And The Farm is definitely on my list too!

  3. So I went to a Camp Tippycanoe growing up, which means I am definitely going to have to find myself a copy of Trouble on the Menu! :D

  4. The Farm sounds FANTASTIC. I have heard so many good things! I'm excited to get to it eventually. Same with Level 2, although I've heard more mixed things about that one.

    Books of Amber

  5. Level 2!!! YES. This is on my list too!
    Looking for Alaska was great. I definitely need to read more John Green

    - Carissa


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