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Monday, January 28, 2013

200 Years of Pride & Prejudice

On January 28th 1813 a little book called Pride & Prejudice was first published. 200 years ago.
Think about that for a minute. Whether you love Jane Austen or not, that is quite amazing. Books published in that time were really only taken seriously if they were published by men so Jane Austen's name wasn't put on any of her works until after she died in 1817. She never got to see how beloved her works became.
Now, 200 years later, there have been tv shows, movies, P&P inspired weddings, re-enactments, re-tellings, and continuations of her stories. 
After all this time people are still discovering the stories that Jane Austen wrote, still admiring Lizzie Bennet's wit and charm, and they are still falling in love with Mr. Darcy.

I myself just found my love for this story a couple years ago when I watched the movie for the first time (2005 edition. I adore this version). Back in highschool I always meant to read the book, but I don't think I would have appreciated it quite as much as I do now so I'm glad that I waited until last year to read the book.

So in honor of the 200 year anniversary of this story that I love so much, I have made a list of some of my favorite Pride & Prejudice items.

If you want to wear your love for this book:


Sip out of it:

Talk to it:

Hang it up:


There you have it. Some of my favorite Pride & Prejudice pieces. 

So tell me fellow Jane Austen lovers, when did you first fall for her stories of romance?

*I have no affiliation with these websites. I have not gotten anything for posting their products on my blog.


  1. I fell in love with P&P when I read it when I was 17 years old. It's been my favorite ever since. I have some items from Etsy, too. A scarf with the first proposal by Mr. Darcy on it, and a mug with the same quotation. I really want a cell phone case, though.

    I love the 2005 P&P version, but Colin First as Mr. Darcy will always be my favorite. Do you want the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on Youtube? If not, you should look into it. Also have you seen Bride and Prejudice. That is really great too.

    1. I saw the scarf and mug with the proposal! They are pretty great too!

      I meaning to check out the Lizzie Bennet Diaries...I just always forget. Maybe I'll do that tonight :)
      I've heard of Bride & Prejudice but have yet to see it. Will definitely check that one out too.
      Thanks for the suggestions :)

  2. I first read P&P as a teenager, though I'm not sure how old I was. For years, I loved the 1995 Colin Firth film version, but it's starting to look dated. I liked the cinematography in the 2005 version, but it felt too rushed (and there were aspects that I wasn't crazy about). I'm just waiting for the perfect version to come out—not too short, with awesome actors, and amazing cinematography. :)

    1. Everyone I talk to seems to love the Colin Firth version more. Maybe I like the 2005 one better because it was the first one I saw, though there are definitely things wrong with it.
      Hopefully one day someone will make the PERFECT version. Wishful thinking :)

  3. This is definitely one of my favourite book ever!!! I have read the book and watched the movie several times :) Jane A. knew a woman's soul better than anyone


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