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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Banned Books Week Kick-Off!

As a reader, a writer, and someone who just loves freedom in general BBW is a special week for me.
It always amazes me when reading lists of banned books and the reasons for their banning. Some of the reasons are the silliest thing EVER.

I generally try to  make a point to read banned books on a regular basis and shine the light on them. Other times I've read banned books that I didn't even know had been banned or challenged until sometime later.

This week I will be spotlighting different books that have been banned and challenged but maybe aren't as well known as some of the banned classics.
And I'll go a little more into what exactly are banned books and why this week is so important.

I had been planning on reading about 10 books for this week...but that ended up being a bit more than I could do, so I'll just be reading 2 or 3 and posting reviews for them.

If you are partaking in BBW I would love to check out your post(s) so send me the link!

Happy Banned Books Week, y'all!

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