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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bookish Crafts {3}

I love pictures, a lot. Finding new ones to hang that reflect some of the things that I love is always so much fun. The other day while browsing Pinterest I stumbled upon a picture that I want, really bad.
And not only can I have it, I can make it! Which makes it even cooler.
Vintage Heart Framed Picture
(photo found on decorhacks)

A white shadowbox frame gets turned into a piece of art that really reflects my love for books. Simply cut out a heart from where ever in the book you like, could be a passage you enjoy or somewhere random. Make sure you use enough pages so that when you fold the heart in half the pages separate nicely as they do in the picture to give you the 3-D effect.
I have been thinking about using a passage from Pride and Prejudice, the part where Darcy expresses his love, for this project but I know it might be hard for some of you to cut even a heart shape out of book pages. Fear not, there is somewhat of a solution to this if you do not wish to cut up just any book:
I would suggest using one of those really old falling apart books that you can find at a used bookstore or an antique store (just check the copyright and make sure you're not cutting up a first edition of something valuable). I have found tons of old books that the covers are ripped off or the pages are falling off the binding that would be perfect for this project. 

Upcycle and repurpose a book to give it new life :)
Happy Crafting!

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