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Sunday, February 5, 2012

In My Mailbox (#13)-Adr3nalin3 Author Event Edition

In My Mailbox is a bookish meme created by the wonderful Kristi over at The Story Siren for bloggers to feature books we got over the past week, either bought, borrowed, or received in the mail. Make sure to go check out her main post.

Yesterday the Adr3nalin3 Book Tour stopped at my local Barnes & Noble. It seems like there are hardly any bookish events in my part of Texas so I wasn't going to miss it...even though I was a bit sniffly with a cold. I downed some medicine and went.

The book tour featured:
(I say authors because Ivy Adams is actually 3 women)

I always get so nervous meeting authors, but they were so incredibly nice and my nerves settled quickly. Tracy Deebs even made some wonderful chocolate cookies to give to everyone. And while they waited for people to arrive they talked to me like I was already their friend. YA authors are the best people.
I picked a copy of each of their books and they were all kind enough to sign them.


 And they gave me some sway:


    (Isn't this nail kit cutest thing ever?!)
 A lot of it is signed so keep an eye out for some upcoming giveaways cause I'll be throwing some of this stuff in with whatever is being given away.

I also made some swaps on a couple of weeks ago and my books finally came in.
I recieved:
(I'm on a bit of a contemp kick right now)
And last, but certainly not least., I was super lucky when I went to Half Price Books earlier this week. I had a bunch of stuff to sell so it was taking them a while to price the books so I went browsing in the YA section (though I shouldn't have...I'm trying to read more of what I already have and buy less), BUT! I stumbled upon a copy of Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. I adore the Vampire Academy series so I was so excited to get the first in the spin-off series. Though I am still nervous to read it, but I am going to give it a shot.

So what awesomeness did you get in your mailbox this week? 



  1. So many signed copies! I never really get to go to any signings because I live in the middle of nowhere.

    I really love the cover of Shattered Souls, i've also read some really positive reviews about it.

    Enjoy your books, Great IMM! :)

    1. There are hardly ever any signings here...which always strikes me as odd since I live in a big city. It was a rare but welcomed treat.

      The cover of Shattered Souls is even pretty in person. I kind of just kept staring at it, haha!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Ooo look at all that pretty swag! I'm going to an author signing next week and I always get nervous too! Tempest Rising is one of my favorites, how awesome is it that she made cookies, aww! I really need to read Bloodlines and Shattered Souls, they sound really awesome! Happy Reading, Jessica!

  3. WOW!! You must have had an awesome time meeting al these fabulous authors :) !! I look forward to read your reviews on all these books Jessica .. Bloodlines is amazing and I'm hoping you'll enjoy it !!
    WOW, all these bookmarks look awesome !!
    Happy reading :)

  4. Omg, I just realized you're a fellow TX blogger. And a fellow San Antonian too!! I believe you're the only other one, besides me. I'm amazed. haha

    Anyway, great books! I wish I could've attended (because you're right, there are hardly EVER events around here), but I had school. :( Next time!

    Hope you enjoy! :)

    1. Yay for another San Antonio blogger!
      Maybe we'll get lucky and there will be another author event here soon. *crosses fingers*


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