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Friday, July 1, 2011

Euphoria (Book 1, Part 1) by Jourdan Alexandra

"Disruption. Initiation. The Unknowable. So say the Runes, the ancient Viking Oracle of marked stones ominously laid out before college freshman Riley Dawson a few days before her departure for Lyndon State College. Leaving the sun of her California childhood for the crisp northern air of Lyndonville, Vermont, Riley soon dismisses and forgets the Runes’ prediction of the choices she would make, choices borne of her own unseen nature, a nature invisible even to herself. 

Dismisses and forgets that is, until she meets Remaunt: enigmatic, sensual, arrogant, and vulnerable. Describing him as the dark shadow of Adonis, his veneer of cool poise captivates Riley from the moment she meets him. Yet, even as Riley tries to deny her growing intrigue and fascination with her magnetically mysterious classmate, she ultimately finds that she cannot evade the truth of what he is. Remaunt is an immortal. Remaunt is a vampire.

And immortals have immortal enemies. As Riley soon finds out, Remaunt is not the only vampire residing in Lyndonville—and, after a few near-death encounters, she is forced to conclude that there are other vampires significantly more dangerous than Remaunt, and that they are not to be trifled with. Posing a formidable threat to not only Remaunt, they endanger her friends, the community, and, most importantly, Riley’s life itself.

With the crisis of disruption activated, the mystic power of initiation summoned, and the fire and chaos of the unknowable at hand, Riley finds herself as bait between several supernatural beings, locked in a war of wills fueled by revenge and anguish destined to a fate not even the immortals could envision"-GoodReads.

Published March 5th 2011

After I first read the description of Euphoria I was very intrigued. Being in the mood for a new vampire story I decided to take up on the author and her offer to read and review it. 

In the beginning Riley is sitting on the beach talking to her mom, who brings up Viking Runes. I became even more intrigued as runes are a new subject for me. Riley then heads off to the East Coast to live with her cousin and go to college. 
That's about the time the story took a turn, and not for the better. Her cousin, Hailey, is super sweet and shows her around town, introduces her to her friends, and treats her like a sister. One of Hailey's friends, Nick, develops a crush on Riley, and he is just the cutest. I was totally digging him.
Right about the time that it becomes obvious to Riley that Nick likes her, she starts acting like a really mean brat. I cannot remember a scene in the book when she is hanging out with her friends that she doesn't act mean, rude, or irritated. And these are the people she is calling her friends, yet her actions make it seem like she doesn't ever want to be around them.

Enter vampire Remaunt. He's mysterious, dark and handsome. And, of course, since he is a vampire, he is irresistible. I often found myself wondering why though. After reading the whole book the only thing I know about him is that he is a vampire and his name is Remaunt. Finding that out was a task in itself. There is no information disclosed about him, so I could not connect with nor care for him. 

I wasn't too big on all the descriptions. Pretty much every word that could have an adjective before it had one. I found myself skipping pages to get to 'the story'.
But I could have handled all of that. It wasn't a terrible story. Just wordy and the characters could have been developed more. Then I got to the ending...or lack thereof. There is no resolve. No questions answered. It just stops. It frustrated me sooo much that I read the whole story and nothing was given to me for it. I understand setting up a story to carry over to a sequel...but I am not kidding when I say this one just stops. There is an epilogue but it's pretty much just a teaser for the next story, which I am still not sure I will be 
reading. There were just too many things going on and not enough answers.

But I am in the minority, I have seen many other reviews on GoodReads by people who have loved it. So if you love paranormal stories, give Euphoria a try. You may end up loving it.

I received this book free of charge from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, altered my opinion of the story or my review.

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