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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mercy by Joshua Grover-David Patterson

"When Georgina Fulci’s plane crashes into the Atlantic, her troubles have just begun.

Desperate to get home to her family, Georgina and a handful of survivors must find a way to escape an uncharted island… while fighting off hordes of the living dead." - GoodReads.

Published: March 24th 2011, Ebook
By: Joshua Grover-David Patterson
Source: Requested Review

Zombie stories are among some of my favorites, so the second that I read the word zombie in the request email for this story my interest was automatically piqued. 
Mercy is told in journal form and is the story of wife and mother Georgina who is on her way back to the US to go home to her family,  when her plane crashes and strands her and only a handful of other people on an island. Out of the hundreds of passengers on the plane, only 7 survive, 2 of them barely hanging on in some kind of coma.  When one of the unconscious ones dies, everyone is sad because they thought they were getting better. But then when the person who was supposed to be dead stands back up and starts trying to chomp on them, they figure out they have a really big problem.
They thought their biggest problems were going to be finding food and clean water and making shelter to sleep in. Fighting against the walking dead never even crossed their minds.
Now they are all wondering if there is anything for them to go back to? Or have the zombies attacked everywhere?

My favorite thing about this story is that it brought back the slow and steady walkers. Every zombie movie or story now is about how fast they are and you cannot out run them. 
This one isn't about how fast can they go, it's about how many there ends up being, and they are quiet so they can really sneak up on you. I really enjoyed that aspect.

I also enjoyed that it was told in journal form, though sometimes it got very wordy. Georgina kept saying she had limited paper and ink, but then she would start going into something that happened and it took a long time to tell. So for me, some of the stories could have been a little shorter. At times they didn't feel like they went with what was happening, so it pulled me out of the "zombie apocalypse" feel of the story.
Other than being a bit long at a few parts it was a pretty good zombie story.

If you would like to check this one out it is available for Kindle and Nook for only $2.99.
And if you want to check out any of Joshua's web pages you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, or his blog.

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