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Saturday, March 5, 2011

In My Mailbox (#6)-Really Long Vlog Edition.

Honey Elly

In My Mailbox is a bookish meme created by the wonderful Kristi over at The Story Siren for bloggers to feature books we got over the past week, either bought, borrowed, or had them sent in the mail. Make sure to go check out her main post.

This is kind of an insanely long video because it's about 2 and half weeks worth of books. I tried to get through it faster...but that did not happen, but I didn't want to leave any of these great books out :). I need to figure out how to edit...and do cool effects.

(I also apologize for the lack of light and weird audio. I had to do this in my room though because my husband was playing Black Ops and using some very colorful language that I did not want on here :] )

Dark Mirror-M.J. Putney
Miles From Ordinary-Carol Lynch Williams
(Thank you Sarah from St. Martin's!)

Bumped-Megan McCafferty (e-galley)
My Dad's A Paranormal Investigator: Seeking Shapeshifters-Rebekah Purdy (author request)
Into The Ether-Vanessa Barger (author request)


Heist Society-Ally Carter
Oblivian Road-Alex McAulay
Rumors (The Luxe)-Anna Godberson
The Hollow-Jessica Verday
Swoon-Anna Malkin
Spirit Bound-Richelle Mead

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  1. You got some AWESOME books! and so many! You won 3 fabulous looking books! I hope you enjoy :)

  2. I'm a new follower also! Great IMM! Haven't read any of them but I have a few!
    Check out my blog and follow along as well!
    Blake (The Book Bell)

  3. Awesome books! I really liked Heist Society and Dark Mirror, and have several of the others on my TBR. Here's what I got this week. Happy reading!

  4. Great books this week. Love Heist Society and Revolution.
    Happy reading.

  5. What a great bunch of books =)
    I also got Dark Mirror this week ^^

    Feel free to check my IMM *winks*

  6. Fab books! I loved Revolution and can't wait to read Bumped.
    My IMM

  7. Oh wow! You got Bumped?! That's so amazing! I'm dying to get approved by Netgalley. :)
    New follower, by the way! Love your blog. :)

  8. Some great books, l look forward to seeing what you think of Ally Carter's book!

  9. Wow, look at all you've accumulated over two and a half weeks! Hope you enjoy everything! Happy Reading!

  10. Wow so many great books. I loved Spirit Bound, I hope you enjoy it to.

  11. Great mailbox hon! I cannot wait to hear what you think! Thank you for sharing!

    MY IMM

  12. Fabulous books this week, Jess! I hope you love Miles From Ordinary as much as I did. It's a slim book, but it's an incredibly powerful read.

    I'm reviewing Dark Mirror tomorrow, so I can't wait to compare notes with you on that one, too!

    Enjoy all your new books, girl! :)

  13. Great books this week! I'm jealous :)

  14. Great books you got this week. The Hollow is an amazing book. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

  15. Awesome books you got there and great winnings. Lucky gal! ;) Enjoy!

  16. You got some great books! Lucky you. Have fun reading them!


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