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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kristi's Post for Help.

I'm pretty sure most everyone knows who Kristi at The Story Siren is. If not, you need to fix that. She is awesome. Kristi has such an amazing blog, is always helpful, and is so nice to other bloggers...the list could really go on and on. 
Yesterday on Twitter Kristi posted that her six year old cousin was diagnosed with leukemia; and today she made a post on her blog asking for help.

 But as a lot of you probably know, medical bills can be the worst. So Kristi kindly requested some of us maybe sending Kaylea some books because she loves to read, or maybe some gas cards to help her family out. Even if you cannot afford to make a money donation maybe just send a card to the family or stop by Kristi's blog to tell them you are thinking and praying for them.

Kristi does so much for us and the blogging community so I'm really hoping we can step up and show our support. 
Kristi's original post is HERE and you can go there for more information about Kaylea and how you can help out.
Every little bit counts.

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  1. Great post hon, I have seen Kristi's post and will be sending her cousin a book. I hope there are others who will help out more than I can.


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